Web SMS System

IOS User Only

100% Delivery Rate

Why Us
Why Choose Us?

Secure Access

We have HTTPS connection available. Your customers' information is secure with us

Easy to use

Only web browser and internet connection required. No additional software or hardware needed.

Support Multiple Countries

Our core strength is serving the Asia Pacific region.


Online portal with login ID

Save costs

No Channels required, and don't spend Hug Money in each SMS with Providers. You control
What are we Provide
Our Features
Imaged + Unlimited Texts

1-way SMS

Blasting iMessage for marketing, get response from customer and do follow up.

SMS Reporting Tool

Details SMS Status report available for fine-tune the marketing campaigns and targeted customers for maximum result.

High Delivery Speed

Approximately 10,000 SMS per minute delivery speed to mobile users. And we have tested sending of 200,000 mobile recipients with only 1 click without any problem.

Powerful Messaging System.

Powerful messaging system, support the following messaging types: Normal text, Arabic/Chinese text, Concatenated messaging (Long SMS into 1).
The Online portal / Blasting system which allows you to manage your campaigns

1 Credits = 1 Message

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